About Us

Stay your course. Stay united. Stay safe. That’s the challenge we took up. It comes in one’s lifetime. If you miss the boat, you will never have another chance. Why is this so? Older folks are easy target. Those in the Merdeka or Pioneer generation (who are 65 years and above) are prone to succumb to COVID-19. The last Spanish flu occurred during the first war world. This is a more than a century ago. It took a toll of 50 millions lives. Like the Spanish flu which killed millions of people, is the COVID-19 a forerunner for the years to come? Every elderly has to take this message at heart and to stay safely at all times.

In order to play safe, we set ourselves on a sampan. A constant reminder to us that we should not miss the boat. A boat is safe as it keeps you in isolation compared to a cruise liner (Have you heard of Diamond Princess ?). Our next move was to stay together whether in good or bad times. That’s the saying “United We Stand”. That made us bonded together to chart our course. Navigating in a sampan required skills, stamina, know how and direction. We had to stay our course , took a driver seat and stayed afloat all times. The main mission was to be safe and be focused.

The thought of supply chain disrupted and the panic buying across the globe rang a bell in my heart. Why not use the sampan? To do what? A small part to deliver supplies to the customers. Surely the customers would feel safe avoiding overcrowding when making a purchase. No queing, no keeping social distancing. Customers may shop anytime, anywhere regardless of whether they are sick or under quarantine. And the supplies would be transported to the comfort of their home. The supplies may never run dry as they are sourced from many overseas suppliers compared to the limited local production.

So the e-commerce took shape and an online website was created. It was designed during the period of COVID-19 where there was less human interaction and less social distraction. A boon time for innovation when you are alone by yourself. It provided a safe platform for you to transform. From the resources available in the internet , you soon become the master of your own destiny learning and unlearning what you need. The journey had its ups and downs like the sampan experience described above.

Now our sampan is heading landfall soon. We are on a successful mission. We bring with them loads of cargoes to fulfill all the customers orders. We look forward to the customers satisfaction and excitement. Surely, we will be safe on homecoming and so will be our customers!

With Regards

Pauline Store

17 Aug 20