My Learning Journey

A journey begins with the first step. I am starting my first step. By the time I am 1000 steps away, I have a clearer picture . So learning photography is like a journey. Taking more shots, you will have better shots and better skills. Let’s begin..

Making My First Shots


Sure, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. These are golden moments to shoot either in the morning or evening. I travel daily to Sentosa Boardwalk to shoot the sunsetting. These are stunning , beautiful and awesome settings to see. It is a joy to shoot them . Sometimes , I miss shooting them due to bad weather. But, it is a good experience to be present and try other scenes.

Sure Way To Be A Skillfully And Good Photographer

By doing any activity, we see and we understand. We remember at first sight . In the long run we may forgot about it unless we are doing it again and again. The way to be a good and skillfully photographer is really easy. Take a camera or a smartphone camera with you. See ,Understand, Record and Enjoy. That’s “SURE”. No need to remember your shot. It ‘s image is captured for you to view. It’s fun and enjoying all the time. Soon you will be on the way to greatest.